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Packaging Ordinance

Packaging Ordinance (Verpackungsverordnung – VerpackV)
Participation in a comprehensive system to take back sales packaging
We hereby confirm that we completely fulfil our obligations according to the Packaging Ordinance in the version dated 1.1.2009. For this purpose, we have joined a system of comprehensive acceptance of any returned sales packaging accrued by the end consumer (cf. § 6 para. 3 VerpackV). Our contractual partner is the company INTERSEROH. Further information can be found at 

Instruction according to § 12 of the Batteries Directive (BattV)
In connection with the sale of batteries or rechargeable batteries, or devices that are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries, we as traders are obliged by the Battery Directive to inform you of the relevant regulations and obligations: Please ensure that you dispose of your old batteries/rechargeable batteries as required by law, at a communal collection point or at a local retailer. Any disposal in the normal household waste is forbidden and contravenes the Batteries Directive. You can return batteries/rechargeable batteries free of charge. You are also welcome to return to us the batteries/rechargeable batteries purchased from us free of charge. Batteries/rechargeable batteries should be returned to:

SKN Tuning GmbH
Legally represented by the Managing Director Mr. Ralf Nissel
Esbecker Strasse 1-5 D-31020 Salzhemmendorf / Benstorf
Telefon: +49 5153 94100
Telefax: +49 5153 941025

Batteries and rechargeable batteries that contain hazardous material are clearly marked with a crossed-out waste bin. In addition, the chemical definition of the respective hazardous material can be found beneath the crossed-out waste bin. Examples include: (Pb) lead, (Cd) cadmium, (Hg) mercury.
You have the opportunity to read this information again in the papers accompanying the goods delivery, or in the operating instructions of each manufacturer.
Further detailed information on the Batteries Directive is available from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety at

Instruction according to § 8 para. 1 of the Waste Oil Ordinance (AltölV)
In connection with the sale of combustion engine or gear oil, as well as oil filters, we as traders are obliged according to the AltölV to inform you of the relevant regulations and obligations.
We draw your attention to the fact that waste oil, respectively oil filters and oil-related waste regularly resulting from oil changes, are hazardous materials that must be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.
For nor charge, you can hand in waste oil corresponding to the amount of fresh oil purchased from us, as well as oil filters and oil-related waste regularly resulting from oil changes, to our point of sale during opening times, or you can send us the material at your own expense in packaging approved for the transport of hazardous material, and we will dispose of it free of charge. 
If you have questions regarding the environmentally-friendly disposal of waste oil, we will be happy to help and can also tell you of disposal possibilities in your area.

Point of sale for combustion engine or gear oil is:

SKN Tuning GmbH
Esbecker Strasse 1-5
D-31020 Salzhemmendorf / Benstorf
Phone: +49 5153 94100
Fax: +49 5153 941025

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