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Tuning Protect Car | New car category up to €150.000

TUNING PROTECT CAR for POWER | ECO75 | ECO tuning software

With the TUNING PROTECT ​CAR you protect your vehicle. Our performance optimization has been developed over decades and has been proven thousands of times over. Protect Car 12|24 is a warranty insurance policy from Helvetia Versicherungs- Aktiengesellschaft. You can find the current prices for the respective insurance in our website ONLINE SHOP.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Vehicles are insurable up to the 5. Year from first registration
  • The mileage when taking out the insurance may not exceed 100.000 km
  • New value category up to €150.000 
  • For cars with a total weight of up to 3.500 kg, including mobile homes based on vans such as Sprinter, Ducato, etc., the total weight may also be more than 3.500 kg 
  • Only software tuning, ballast control devices (SKN IPU module)


  • The insurance ends after 12 | 24 months
  • The insurance ends when a total mileage of 120.000 km is reached 
  • The insurance ends when the vehicle is 5 years old from first registration 
  • The amount of a claim subject to warranty is limited to the current value of the vehicle minus the value of the unrepaired vehicle at the time the damage occurred, but not more than € 10.000 
  • The covered labor costs are fully reimbursed according to the manufacturer's standard times 
  • Material costs subject to warranty are reimbursed as follows in the event of damage:
    • 20.000% up to 100 km
    • up to 30.000 km up to 80%
    • up to 40.000 km up to 70%
    • up to 50.000 km up to 60%
    • from 50.000 km to 50%
  • Deductible 10% but at least € 150 
  • The insurance is valid from the first day (no waiting period) 
  • Breakdown assistance coverage is not included 
  • Rent a car is not included 
  • Protect CAR is not transferable if the vehicle owner changes 

Covered components and parts


Cylinder block, crankcase, pistons, cylinder sleeves, bolts, rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, crankshaft gear, countershaft gear, oil pump, drive gear, cylinder head gasket, camshaft, tappet, rocker arm, camshaft gear, intake manifold, cylinder head, valves, valve guides, carburetor, oil cooler, oil sump,, oil pressure Air flow meter, air mass meter, knock sensor, idle actuator

Turbocharger, compressor, intercooler

Pinion, shift forks, sliding sleeve, drive shaft, main shaft, differential

Shafts, planetary gear sets, discs, belts, valves, oil pumps, regulators, safety valves, differentials

Transfer case, viscous coupling, differential, differential lock

For accessories such as seals, locking plugs, hoses, supply lines, metal or rubber lines, electrical lines, oil seals, insulation rubber, screws, springs, nuts, rings, liquids, oils and additional materials, coverage is only available if an insured component needs to be repaired and if this is specified by the manufacturer or is part of a repair kit.

Validity of the insurance conditions

The general and specific insurance conditions that are generated when the policy is taken out apply to the policyholder. The insurance covers vehicles which are officially registered in Switzerland, a neighboring country or a member state of the European Union and which have a valid operating license. No liability can be accepted for previous work and damage.

PROTECT CAR does not apply to: drift, race track, rally or motor sports vehicles, rental cars (PROTECT CAR possible with fleet contracts via the head office) and vehicles that are moved outside of their normal street destination. Vehicles that are in a poor general technical condition but the tuning of the vehicle is carried out at the express request of the customer, with the exclusion of any warranty.

TUNING PROTECT CAR warranty protection is an individual vehicle-related document (each vehicle has its own unique chassis number) and is therefore excluded from exchange. Errors and changes reserved. TUNING PROTECT CAR protection must be completed on the day of tuning. A subsequent conclusion is not possible.