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Result & success: Quality from TÜV CERT production

Quality & durability preprogrammed. In contrast to other providers, SKN does not go to the limits of what is feasible, but what makes sense.

This means that the reserves of your engine are used sensibly and are not exhausted to the limit. Our software optimizations are also based on original software. A quality that pirated software, for example, cannot offer you. As an SKN customer, you will receive a special, up-to-date tuning software tailored to your vehicle. Ultimately, we are guided by our motto: We make the best. Not less. But no more! And all of this regularly and for most vehicles with TÜV registration! All SKN tuning variants that have been tested by TÜV Nord - with their current software version - have shown extremely positive results:

Specifically, that means: performance measurements, noise measurements and exhaust gas measurements were carried out by the TÜV and certified positively. A TÜV approval at SKN is therefore not a problem, but a formality and a piece of security for you. Trust it.

SKN Tuning Performance Tuning

SKN Technology Partner

  • Bull x 122x
  • K&N 122x
  • Alutec 122x
  • Milltek Classic 122x
  • Pro alloy122x
  • Wagner tuning 122x
  • Forge Motorsport 122x
  • Super Sprint 122x
  • Bilstein 122x
  • Akrapovic 122x
  • BMC 122x
  • Borbet 122x
  • Milltek Sport 122x
  • Advanti 122x
  • KW suspension 122x
  • Brock 122x
  • Pipercross 122x
  • Öhlins 122x
  • Koni 122x
  • Capristo 122x
  • Autec 122x
  • H&R 122x
  • ArtForm 122x
  • IPE 122x
  • ATS 122x
  • Fox 122x
  • HJS 122x
  • BBS 122x
  • AEZ 122x
  • Sachs 122x
  • ASA wheels 122x
  • Eibach 122x

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