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transmission flush

Does your DSG or automatic transmission have problems? The solution is simply "rinsing"!

Does your DS or automatic transmission go wrong? Is it even the failure of entire courses? Mostly dirt and abrasion in the transmission oil are the reason. With our professional gear oil service, we offer a fast and reliable solution for supple driving pleasure.

Although many vehicle manufacturers offer so-called Lifetime fillings for automatic transmission oil, gearbox manufacturers recommend switching between 60.000 and 120.000 km or every four to six years. More and more car manufacturers are going back to fixed replacement intervals to ensure the long-term proper functioning of automatic transmissions.

Reason: Their complexity and stress increase significantly, which leads to increased wear. If the gear oil is not changed in time, dirt and metal abrasion can cause mechanical and therefore costly damage.

With a change you play it safe!

But attention, transmission oil change is not the same gear oil change! 

In the normal change a complete exchange of the lubricant is not possible. Only a third of the capacity can be drained through the sump. Two-thirds of the old, contaminated oil would remain in the system. Unlike our gear oil service with the Gear Tronic by LIQUI MOLY! Here, thanks to the cleaning, suction, flushing and refilling of your automatic transmission, the lubricant including all contaminants is completely replaced, resulting in significantly optimized shifting.

Even more than that: The early shift times ensure significantly smoother running, less fuel consumption and a longer durability of your transmission

Advantages of an automatic transmission oil change

Optimized switching behavior
Any switching delays, inaccurate switching operations up to the failure of entire gears are eliminated.

Lower fuel consumption
Early and soft switching times have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Less wear
The gearbox flushing in combination with additives ensures smoother running and less wear in the gearbox.

Increased life
Transmission oil changes are recommended by most manufacturers every 60.000 km or every 4 to 6 years.

Save yourself unnecessary trouble and possibly high repair costs. Ask us now for a comprehensive transmission oil service!

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