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TPMS / TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems


What is a TPMS or TPMS?

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) or English Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an in-vehicle system that detects the tire pressure or the variation over time and transmit corresponding information to the user while the vehicle. (Article 3 paragraph 2 7 point of EU regulation 661 / 2009). Here, both directly as well as indirectly approved measuring systems.

Why do you need Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

The EU has opted for the introduction of tire pressure monitoring systems in order to reduce fuel consumption and contribute to improving road safety. Correctly filled tires have a lower rolling resistance and usually suffer less from tire abrasion, which significantly increases the service life of tires. So the fuel consumption and thus emissions of CO2 can be lowered.

Also contributes to the correct tire pressure for shorter braking distances, excellent cornering stability and a better ride comfort, such as the German Road Safety Council (DVR) in its initiative to tire safety. For years, these statements are confirmed by experts in the fields of driving safety and the environment and their studies over again.

The correct tire pressure ensures safe driving, more grip when cornering and shorter braking distances.

A variety of relevant air pressure tests in Germany and Europe clearly demonstrate:
At least 35 percent of all motor vehicles in operation have made negative air pressure. This will in Europe each year approximately 3,1 billion liters consumed too much fuel - with corresponding emission of pollutants. Just one to 0,6 bar lower air pressure causes thereby a fuel consumption of four percent. With an average annual line of 14.210 km per car in Germany (2013, after DAT) and an average consumption of 6,6 l / 100km corresponds to a fuel consumption of around 40 liters a year. In addition to the environmental impact also at today's fuel prices at the end of a three-digit amount in fast checkout missing.

Also causes to 0,6 bar lower air pressure also significantly reduced service life of the tire:

  • Increases fuel economy by an average of 4%
  • Reduces the life of the tire up to 45%
  • The maximum mileage mileage reduced by up to 45 percent.
  • The use of TPMS / TPMS thus contributes only a significant reduction in pollutant emissions and thus protecting the environment.

What kinds of tire pressure monitoring systems are there?

Air pressure monitoring systems are offered as direct as well as indirect systems:

Indirect measuring tire pressure monitoring systems

Indirect systems used to record the data, the ABS system. These determine the loss of air pressure due to the increased speed of the wheel. However, these systems have their limitations by the law tight tolerances and are not suitable for all vehicles, unlike direct measuring systems.

Direct measuring tire pressure monitoring systems

Direct systems measure and archive precise air pressure data using sensors built into the valves. This data is transmitted via radio almost in real time and displayed to the driver. Direct systems can detect both slow diffusion losses and rapid pressure losses that occur in a tire. In addition to the exact tire pressure, the CUB sensors sold by SKN Tuning also determine the temperature in the wheel and transmit this to the receiving unit.

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