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COD Cylinder on demand

High-tech cylinder castration

COD or English "cylinder on demand" is the new technology at Audi, at the multiple cylinders in a certain speed range or at a comfortable ride are simply disconnected. But the idea behind the complex-sounding concept is not quite as new as it knows us the press

want to do. Already in the years 80er Mercedes had practiced in the S-Class and BMW at the 7er and 8er the deactivating cylinders.

But why eg 8 cylinders are deactivated in a 4 cylinder engine? Well the answer is simple - save fuel and reduce emissions.

Now one can understand the desire of producers, but customers a V8 BiTurbo engine really want the engine is spayed on 50%. The rich, expensive paid V8 engines sound is lowered to the level of a Lada Niva. NO. Many customers have approached us please a way to find the COD disable function.

Learn now what your car really can

Already on SKN AUDI S6 we have the COD (cylinder on demand) function off paired (on request when START / STOP function possible) and achieved a power increase and the abolition of the manufacturer's speed limiter for a more proactive and dynamic Fahrvergügen. Our SKN Audi RS6 with 744 PS we have as yet set a mood. Many customers have been enjoying the new at the incredibly dynamic power delivery, the sportier driving and maximum values ​​for acceleration and speed. All thanks to professional homogeneous programming, the increase in output combined with increasing COD shutdown and V-Max. Completely re-tuned, learn now what your car can really do.

mission accomplished

When it comes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions, downsizing is apparently a panacea. If you use this downsizing temporarily, in which you temporarily switch off cylinders (dynamic downsizing), then you kill two birds with one stone. Due to the cylinders in waiting position, there is always sufficient power available that can be switched on if required. In the partial load range, this saves fuel and the fun apparently does not fall by the wayside. However, it should not be forgotten that the deactivated cylinders continue to be driven and thus the savings effect partially fizzles out. In any case, the COD shutdown by SKN has shown that the engines run much quieter and more homogeneously, increased consumption is hardly noticeable and the driving pleasure paired with the sound is always available.

The time is ripe for More Driving Fun

SHUTDOWN CYLINDER ON DEMAND from 499 € (request at + 49 5153 94100):
- AUDI RS6 (4G) 4.0 TFSI Quattro BiTurbo
- AUDI RS6 (4G) 4.0 TFSI Quattro BiTurbo PERFORMANCE

- AUDI RS7 (4G) 4.0 TFSI Quattro BiTurbo
- AUDI RS7 (4G) 4.0 TFSI Quattro BiTurbo PERFORMANCE

- AUDI S6 (4G) 4.0 TFSI Quattro BiTurbo 

Further models on request!




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