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3D license plate for your car from!

2021 1920x600 3D no sign deThe premium online shop around the subject of license plates and accessories.

The license plate hero makes it possible: has one of the largest offers of high-quality license plates in the German online trade. Here you will always find the right and best license plate for your vehicle. From standard to premium, offers normal sheet metal license plates as well as high-quality 3D license plates made of high-tech plastic, which are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the tuning scene and drivers of high-quality vehicles.

KNZHLD BMW 1 from 136   3d in hand

The alternative to the tin sign made of modern plastic: the 3D license plate!

3D tuning for the license plate
Boring marks were yesterday: Through a new procedure, the mating embossing, a hallmark with unique 3D design arises. In addition, the license plates are available in four color variants, all of which are approved nationwide: matt, high gloss and carbon look and red.

Longer shelf life
Modern high-tech plastics are superior to the usual material for license plates, namely aluminum sheet, in so many ways: they do not buckle so easily, do not corrode and put away small bumps easily.

Eye catcher with 3D optics
Boring license plates were yesterday: Through a novel process, the mating embossing, creates a license plate with unique 3D design.

High qualityt
Do you value quality in your vehicle? Then you are right with us! Flexible and flexible, you will hardly recognize your new license plate.

Installation in 5 minutes
The time of tedious screwing is over: with the help of the unique mounting system Easy Fix, attaching the license plate becomes child's play.

Nationwide approved
The 3D labels are approved nationwide at all registration offices and are manufactured in accordance with DIN. Each license plate is a unique piece and is made by hand. Environmentally friendly
The 3D tag is produced with less than 1 / 7 of CO2 consumption compared to an aluminum tag.

Lifetime warranty *
The 3D indicator keeps its promise. That's why we give you a lifetime warranty on the label color (* except version: high gloss and carbon look).

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