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PTB - Professional Tuning Booster


SKN offers the world's first tuner for the private / Motorsport Clubs / racing teams and forums a profesionelles DO - IT - YOURSELF Tuning Tool at. Since January 2010 you can easily and at any time by pressing a button to tune almost all brands and engines. Whether its diesel or gasoline, the Professional Tuning Booster (PTB) is a life-long faithful even when the vehicle is changed. PTB professional chip tuning tool - easy at home or on the road via OBD port tune the car (since 2002 the OBD port standardized in vehicles of all manufacturers and are therefore also present in them).

Learn now what your car really can 

A return to the original armor / serial data status of the vehicle is just as easily possible as an UPGRADE of chip tuning to the next higher power level (eg Upgrade Power Level 2 on Power Level 3). The whole thing is done without mechanical modification and in a few minutes via the diagnostic port of your car (on-board diagnostics cuts point - OBD). The SKN own error correction system also beginners' / lay unerringly to success and prevents problems.

They want to know, then contact your local SKN partner or find out about the HOTLINE at + 49 5153 94100. More

Here again the advantages:

  • Quality software from the leader SKN
  • Switch between original data state and tuning software in minutes
  • SKN Tuning Software selectable (Power level 1-5 / ECO75 Tuning / ECO Tuning)
  • Warranty included - TÜV available on request
  • works even when changing vehicles (PTB your left you a life long faithful)
  • simple change original -> tuning -> original (with a few clicks)
  • no Flash Counter (engine control unit not archived the OBD activities)

Always purchase * PTB in connection with a SKN Tuning Software - guarantees 100% fun