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Insoric - mobile DYNO

MOBILE POWER MEASUREMENT - From experience convinced of the result

After numerous own performance measurements on different chassis dynamometers and the organization and implementation of Dynodays, we have gained extensive experience. Dynamometers are a great way to measure performance, providing true ventilation and the staff knows how to use the technology. If here are bottlenecks, and the highest quality test is useless. The engine is at marginal temperatures to protect the regime and the measurement result is almost worthless.

Please test the performance rather directly on the road under real world conditions.

The results are precision landings, the measuring method is highly accurate. Insoric Real Power is the perfect tool for input and output measurements during tuning, and wants to know whether his car delivers the performance specified by the manufacturer, or its tuner on the road for each customer. Very valuable for analysis purposes.

The power measurement with Insoric RealPower directly through the vehicle.

During a brief test run, the measurement module records, among other things, the data for the wheel power, power loss, speed and maximum torque. The USB port on the PC, the data is always easy to evaluate. The basic operation and the accuracy of the Real Power Systems is clearly explained in a short video.

Insoric Real Power is developed by the Insoric AG in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil. We therefore are not talking about any Phantasiebox the dream a few numbers generated, but of highly sophisticated. In another video to learn more about the physics of real power.


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