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VCDS Base kit

VCDS Base kit

The VCDS Base kit with HEX + CAN USB interface hardware supports all diagnosable VAG models of 1992 to the current models. For some, especially older models or other brands (eg. B. Linde, KTM) optional additional adapters are available. In EOBD mode this interface also allows across brands emissions related diagnostics functions (eg. As Mercedes Benz, BMW, newer Opel, all Frenchmen, very many Asians, and many more.). Through the hardware key function, the system is also multi-user.

Please check your purchase benefits under + 49 5153 941065.

A complete list of supported vehicles can also be downloaded as a PDF here.

Communicates with the following protocols from the VAG Group:

  • KWP 1281 (K / L-Line)
  • KWP 2000 (K-Line)
  • KWP 6000 (CAN)
  • KWP 7000 (UDS)

Technical data:

  • 16-pin ISO 9141-2 OBD2 plug made of tough ABS plastic with very good fit
  • Gold-plated contacts for maximum stability and contact reliability
  • Two CAN diagnostic lines (CAN high / CAN low)
  • Dual Color LED status function for communication and short circuit detection
  • Automatic baud rate detection
  • License dongle function for VAG-COM Diagnostic Software (VCDS)
  • PU-coated, extremely tear-resistant and flexible USB connection cable, length 1,5 m
  • Cable made in Germany with a long life, replaceable by end users
  • Practical Velcro cable ties for proper storage


  • VCDS HEX + CAN USB Diagnostic Interface
  • Current daily VCDS diagnostic software
  • Plugins "VC-Scope", "TDI-Graph" and "LCode" on CD-ROM
  • Manual VCDS in PDF format on CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sturdy storage case with bilateral Noppenschaum and "VCDSpro" imprint