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Performance by software

Chip tuning from the pioneer of tuning industry

Since 1990, SKN has guaranteed safety, quality and driving fun thanks to decades of experience in engine construction and motorsport. SKN Chiptuning is in the variants POWER | ECO | ECO75 CHIP tuning available. It is available for almost all manufacturers and vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, vans,
Motorcycle, tractor, cogeneration, construction machine, etc.)

We make the optimum - no less and no more

SKN offers the individual optimization of your electronic engine management through individual adjustment of the manufacturer software in the engine control unit. On request, of course, also paired with an increase in the speed limiter and / or an increase in the manufacturer's speed reduction (V-max). The SKN Chip Tuning is available in different expansion stages. Individual adaptation to changed engine hardware or motorsport & tuning components is also possible at any time professionally (e.g. larger turbo, motorsport catalytic converter, replacement catalyst pipes, downpipes, manifolds, downpipes, diesel particle filters, camshafts or injection systems).

Chip Tuning Features

  • more dynamics & driving fun, better response & more agility
  • improved acceleration, more torque & pulling power
  • the power or torque increases are in turbocharged engines between 20% - 40%
  • Engines without charging achieve 10% - 20% more power and torque increase
  • Safety and stability with 60 months software warranty
  • Up to 7 years comprehensive engine and vehicle warranty
  • Vehicle remains in the previous emission class
  • Extensive dealer network

TÜV CERT - certified since 2005

Our TÜV-certified development and production ensure quality and service at the highest level. When it comes to coordination and development, SKN does not go to the limits of what is feasible but what is technically sensible. All motor protection functions are fully retained, the SKN software is fully diagnosable and serviceable. Tested & developed in everyday use on the test, as well as on the street and in the exhaust gas laboratory.

Security PLUS

That is for you, the reserves of your engine are used but not exhausted. SKN provides chiptuning with 60 months software warranty and offers optional different warranty packages with which you can protect themselves against any risks your vehicle up to 7 years. 

Safer than the vehicle manufacturer - Here you can find out more about SKN's guarantee and warranty packages.

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