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Chip tuning | ECO tuning75

ECO-Tuning75 - the original only genuine from SKN

Gone are the days of the balancing act between sporty and ecological driving. SKN gives you the opportunity to make your own decisions - using the accelerator pedal. ECO-Tuning75 is the innovative hybrid product from SKN. As a combination product, the ECO-Tuning75 combines the reduction in consumption of the ECO Tuning with the increase in performance of the Power Tuning. With the unique hybrid product, our customers benefit from the advantages of both worlds. Environmental protection, reduced consumption and driving pleasure are in harmony. So your car always behaves optimally, depending on what you need. In the long term, this software optimization pays off twice.

How does the ECO-Tuning75 work?

The ECO-Tuning75 basically consists of 2 sub-programs. YOU determine which part-program is active!

To 75% throttle position:
You move your vehicle Teillastbereicht. Maybe you are driving in the city, swim with the traffic, do not accelerate quickly. Here the pure ecotuning is active. Compared with the standard condition of your vehicle software optimization here acts consumption reducing, up to 20%. To learn more about our ECO tuning.

From 75% throttle position:
It is to go a bit faster ahead, your car is just slightly more heavily loaded, you want to overtake - need more power. No problem, because as soon as you exceed the 75% throttle position, takes up the performance and you have significantly more power and torque. Throughout the course, harmonious and progressive in the development. Our customers value very especially the better dynamics in the lower and medium engine speed range, the increased agility and elasticity when overtaking and during acceleration. Find out more about our power chip tuning.


To 75% throttle position (three-quarters of gas) is the "FUEL SAVING" ECO Tuning and programmed from 75% throttle position, the "PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING" Power Tuning. In normal operation in the city or on the highway you drive economical than ever before, because you supported the SKN ECO Tuning while saving. On average fuel savings between 7-12% are possible. In the top even up to 20% (assuming the same application, the same route and the same procedure). Do they want on the road quickly overtake, to B or just have fun quickly from A, so it supports the programmed power increase, the guarantees from 75% throttle position EXTRA PROPULSIVE.


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