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2000 PS dynamometer

2000 hp all-wheel dynamometer to 400km / h

SKN is 2010 new standards for tuning - sector. In cooperation with the company AHS SKN has developed a dynamometer (LPS), which has no equal in Germany. So (vehicles up to 2.000 PS) and maximum speed were (vehicles up to 400 km / h), but also in both fresh and exhaust system broke new innovative ways not only in terms of maximum power.

The SKN LPS - cabin features in its design a unique "Bicameral air system"Which is unique in Europe. Fresh supply air and heated exhaust air are guided here optimally in separate air cabins. The result is absolutely realistic and material gentle test conditions.

As in road maintenance flows cool, fresh air to the frontal heated aggregates and heated exhaust air is passed behind the vehicle. The supply of the vehicle with fresh, non-heated fresh air, takes place from six high - air turbine: (image below)

SKN LPS Luftstrom Diagram
  • 2 individually adjustable volume flow turbines (for 1 & 2)
  • 2 individually adjustable high-speed turbines for charge air cooling (for 3 & 4)
  • 1 turbine for engine & underbody cooling (to 5)
  • 1 turbine for separate rear axle / differential cooling (to 6)

These six turbines engine, intercooler and other aggregates are optimally flows, which allows a virtually 100% strength simulation of high-speed driving on racetracks or highways.

Measurement errors of other systems are significantly minimized. The guided air chamber system, the removal of the heated air as in nature (eg highway) is ensured. It flows, no heated air back to the motor and distorts the measurement result.

Managing and developing the system "Ralf Nissel" says the new SKN LPS: "We have invested many years expertise and experience in this development. The aim was to build a LPS which deserves the name testbench! We have made something unique to his feet with our LPS and are pleased our customers to be able to provide the industry and the media these LPS available! "Many requests for use of SKN LPS are! Renowned companies have signaled your cooperation and SKN must have a capacity of LPS in the future, thanks to the Key Facts, not to worry.

  • Until 1.470 kW (2000PS) measurable (735 kW / 1000 hp per axle)
  • Two chamber air system for cold fresh air & heated exhaust air
  • Released Until 400 km / h
  • 6 volume & high-speed air turbines
  • High Capacity exhaust extraction
  • For vehicles with an engine output of up to 2.000 HP or 1.000 HP (approx. 735 kW) per axle, this dynamometer is equipped for all eventualities.

The technical key data of the SKN dynamometer alone are impressive, such as a top speed of 400 km / h, 160.000 m³ / h fresh air supply and an effective air speed of over 160 km / h. SKN is thus able to optimize and test every car currently on the market, right up to the Bugatti Veyron or Königsegg CCX.

Come once over - and experience the elemental force of LIVE 6 SKN fresh air - turbines. The innovative twin-chamber air system in which the hot air is separated from the cool fresh air, guaranteed measurements at the highest level.

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